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Dating A Rock Star November 30, 2007

Posted by ashleysguide in Dating & Relationships.

Known for their trademark wild ways and bad-boy attitudes, rock stars have been attracting women since the day Elvis first crooned “All Shook Up.” Maybe it’s the mix of those off-beat looks, that notorious rebellious attitude or the soulful way they sing/ jam on their guitars that makes all the girls go ga-ga for them. Well, whatever it is rock stars definitely possess that certain je ne sais quoi, so how do you snag one and once you do how do you keep them interested?

If anyone knows how it is done, it is women with names like Pamela Anderson, Heidi Klum and Carmen Electra. They are among the most beautiful women in the world, with career titles such as international super model, A-list platinum actress, punk rock princess and ex-Baywatch babe to prove it. For these lucky few they have one more title they can add to their resumes; it is that of current or former wife, girlfriend and/or fiancée of the elusive rock star.

We aren’t sure if you can ever really tie down a musician, but stranger things have happened and with the help of some accounts and stories of the famous other halves of a rock star duo we compiled some tips to help you date a rock star.

Be Aggressive, Be, Be Aggressive
Rock stars and musicians alike are used to constant attention. You need to stand out and apart from the crowd to remove yourself from just being another adoring fan. Take it from Gwyneth Paltrow. After attending a Coldplay concert, the classic blonde star made her way backstage where she began a conversation with lead singer, and future husband, Chris Martin. She gave him her number and the rest is history. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative, the worst he can say is “no.”

Know the Right People
In this life, it is all about connections and who you know. With jobs, colleges and especially dating rock star celebrities it doesn’t hurt to befriend people in key places. Just ask supermodel Iman. Her first date with her husband of almost twenty years, musician David Bowe, was a blind date set up by a mutual hairdresser! Even though they claim it was “love at first sight,” a simple liaison to love was just the ticket to get her foot in the doorway to musical bliss. Don’t ignore the “little” people; they are normally the ones who can help out the most.

Act as a Support System
Maybe it was growing up with a rock star legend as a father that helped out in the process of actually marrying another rock star, or maybe it could be attributed to acting as the “rock” in the relationship that helped Hollywood A-lister Liv Tyler snag her husband Royston Langdon after three years of dating. She has been known to accompany Langdon on his long tours and he has even called her “his muse.” Showing support for a rock star and his ambitions proves vital if you want to remain a rock star girlfriend. All rock stars also lead insane and otherwise abnormal lifestyles in comparison to the regular day jobs of most men. Having a girlfriend to stabilize an otherwise crazy lifestyle of a musician is extremely important in keeping a musician and your relationship on solid ground.


Opposites Might Not Always Attract
Sharing common interests and goals helps out in any relationship and dating a musician is no exception. The antithesis of the blonde sugar-coated pop star, Avril Lavigne found her match made in rock star heaven when she married Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley. For this couple, sharing the same passion for their punk rock career goals has helped sustain their relationship since their meeting in 2004. Since musicians are so passionate about their music sharing the same drive and obsession with it can result in a more intense bond. You should not change who you are to fit into someone else’s life, but finding someone who accepts your own musical passion is just one of the plus-sides to dating a rock star.

Take Them for Who They Are
Rock stars are known to be wild and pretty much untamable. For some this is an act, but for others like Kiss legend Gene Simmons the “this is who I am. Take it or leave it. (A personal quote)” mentality is an innate quality. By dating a rock star, sometimes you have to accept them for who they are and realize their limitations. Such is the case with Simmons not-wife-by-law for more then 23 years, Shannon Tweed. Even though they have multiple children and have shared the same residence for over two decades, this couple remains “happily unmarried.” When he first met her, he was quoted as saying, “Here, there are no skeletons in Gene Simmons’s closet. I refuse to lead a Dr Jekyll-and-Mr Hyde life.” He hasn’t and she has accepted.

Dating a rock star is much like dating any other person, well with screaming fans and hectic-beyond-hectic lifestyles. It is important to be patient, be supportive and know that some musicians might just not be worth your time or energy.