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The Girl

I am a 23 year old living in a small town in east central Indiana. I am working my way through college, studying journalism and creative writing. I hope to write for a magazine or newspaper one day.

I also love to participate in beauty pageants. I am currently preparing to compete for Miss Indiana in hopes to go on to Miss America.

The Site

Over the years I have written probably hundreds of How-To articles for e-zines, advice columns, and other similar publications. This blog is merely just a collaboration of all of those articles. I have gotten a lot of feedback from readers saying that they love reading my work and so I got the idea to put them all in one organized place.

Contact and Links
Email: ashb84@hotmail.com
AIM: ashleyb0384
Myspace: /ashleybrook



1. Jess - September 6, 2007

This is an awesome idea for you. I love reading your advice!

2. Lizzi - September 6, 2007

Good luck with your pageants. Don’t pull a Miss Teen South Carolina when you get up there to do your interview hehe.

3. Danielle - September 18, 2007

Love the site Ashley!

4. Drew - September 26, 2007

You should put some pics up.

5. Heather - September 28, 2007

Great blog!

6. fasean - October 8, 2007

interesting writing, and even more about fashion; I adore your blog

7. Samantha - February 13, 2008

I love this site! Keep the posts coming!

8. Kate - February 13, 2008

Good luck on your writing.

9. otonira maria silva dias - November 3, 2010

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