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French Manicure At Home October 8, 2007

Posted by ashleysguide in Beauty.

You don’t always have to get a French manicure in a salon. You can do it yourself for a low cost. Here’s how.

1. You can do just the tips, or the whole nail if you want, but for the whole nail, you will need two different colors. For the tips, you really just need one. I will tell how to do the whole nail.

2. First,you will take a roll of medical tape and cut a piece wide enough for the width of your finger.

3. Stick a piece of the medical tape over the tip (the white part) of each finger.

4. Paint the bottom of your nail with one color.

5. Put a clear base coat over that.

6. Wait a few minutes until they are completely dry and then peel the tape off.

7. Now put the tape over the bottom of your nails, so only the white tips are showing.

8. Paint the tips with another color.

9. Put a clear base coat over them and wait for them to dry.

10. When your tips are dry, peel the medical tape off, and add one more base coat.

11. Repeat on your other hand.

12. You can also do this for your toes.

Easy isn’t it?! Enjoy your gorgeous nails!


Every Day Perfume September 18, 2007

Posted by ashleysguide in Beauty, Skincare.

We’ve all been there; standing on a crowded elevator or passing someone by on the street, when suddenly we’re able to taste exactly what kind of perfume someone is wearing. The scent is so strong, it burns our nostrils and clogs our throats. Of course, everyone wants to smell good, but many people make the mistake of over applying strong perfumes. Thee is good news; however, is that there are great scents out there that aren’t too strong. After all, you may like the smell of roses but no one wants to taste them. First, the rules of perfume are very simple, but many people overlook these important steps in preventing the discomfort of other people for the sake of smelling good.

It’s always a good idea to get samples of perfumes before you buy. Most department stores will have testers available, so use them to your advantage. A fragrance that smells good on your friend might just not work with your body chemistry. This is a good way to select scents that aren’t too powerful, but will make other people notice.

Being in a closed room with someone wearing too much perfume is not only annoying, it could be dangerous to people with perfume allergies. Some places of employment ban the use of perfume, so checking with employee handbooks or asking a boss can be beneficial.

Consider this while spritzing: remember the days when you’d walk home and the first thing you smell was your mom’s homemade dinner? The smell was obvious at first, then you slowly got used to it. This is the same for perfume. The average person gets used to the scent in about ten minutes, which leads them to believe the perfume has worn off, thus feeling the need to apply more. After awhile, even if you can’t smell the perfume without sniffing your wrist, chances are very good others still can!

Nights out with your boyfriend or husband are good times to wear a spicy, sultry scent that enhances the mood. Other times, such as work or a day out shopping, calls for lighter scents that while still fragrant, are subtle. Here are some ideas of non overpowering brands and types of perfumes and body splashes that are appropriate for almost all occasions. Bonus – They’re affordable!

Try From Bath and Body Works :

Warm Vanilla Sugar ($10.50) , Cherry Blossom ($10.50) or Lemon Meringue Pie ($20.00).

Try From Avon:

Avon Smile ($16.50), Avon Magic ($10.00), Be…Kissable ($15.00)

Try From Gap:

GapScents Heaven ($4.50, on sale now for $3.38!)

Try From Baby Phat:

Baby Phat Goddess ($39.50)
With some testing and understanding the general rules of perfume, you’re on your way to smelling great all day! Happy shopping!

What’s Causing Your Itchy Skin? September 6, 2007

Posted by ashleysguide in Skincare.

Has your skin become itchy and you don’t know why? If so, here are some different things that might be causing it.

1) Your shampoo – If you are using a shampoo or shower gel made from detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, this could be causing your itchiness. These detergents lather well, but they can also dry your scalp or skin out to where you start itching. You might want to switch to a natural soap-based liquid or bar cleanser, or you could also try making your own cleansers yourself. Natural soaps are much easier on the skin because they are made from vegetable oils instead of petroleum derivatives.

2) Your laundry detergent – Many laundry detergents make your skin itch because they are made with harsh cleansers that sometimes leave residue on the clothes even after they are washed. The residue gets onto your skin when you put them on causing your skin to become irritated and itchy. Consider using a natural laundry powder which you can get at health food stores or make your own soap, grate it, and use it as a natural laundry powder.

3) Your food – Is your skin becoming itchy because of some foods you are eating? It’s very possible. Some foods that are commercially prepared contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Consider changing your diet by eliminating one food item at a time and see if this helps.

4) Bacteria – If your skin has come into contact with a bacteria or fungus, like Athlete’s Foot, try applying tea tree oil, or a product containing tea tree oil to the spot that is irritated to help relieve this irritation.

5) Bug bites – Bug bites from mosquitoes and bees, along with many others often cause swelling and/or itching. For this, apply several drops of lavender essential oil on the bug bite itself to soothe the itching.