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First Date Fashion Tips September 26, 2007

Posted by ashleysguide in Dating & Relationships, Fashion.

Standing in front of your closet for hours prior to a first date is nothing new. Changing your outfit seven times and then fiddling with accessories for another twenty minutes should constitute as a first date rite of passage. Count in the time it takes to do your hair and put on your makeup and getting ready can be a marathon-like event. And with all the hoopla, you may be in danger of over-thinking. Simple mistakes can spell disaster for an outfit– and by default the date itself. Here are some tried-and-true tips:

Don’t wear 4-inch heels.
They may make the outfit, but they’re often more trouble than they’re worth. Even if you’re not expecting to do a lot of walking, you should be able to move easily. If dinner goes well, you won’t want to pass up a walk around the park because of your shoes. Even more practical, what if the car breaks down? Being able to walk comfortably can help avoid lots of first-date blunders, so do wear something you can walk in.

Don’t wear jewelry from your ex.
It may be beautiful but it will inevitably come up in conversation– if not on the first date then on the second. Rather than making your new beau feel like they need to compete with the ex, leave the ex out of the picture until the time is right to discuss your pasts. Instead, do wear family heirlooms or funky accessories – they’ll make great conversation pieces and bring up topics that will be more comfortable for both of you.

Don’t gob on the makeup if you don’t usually wear much. While it can been tempting to get all dolled up, it’s better not to go hog-wild. Most likely, your date has seen you before and knows how you usually look – changing your appearance drastically for a date can throw them off. If you do want to wear more makeup than usual, do keep it to a minimum – blush and lip gloss are just fine!

Don’t buy a whole new outfit for a first date. Inevitably, if you bought a new outfit for a date, you probably won’t be wearing that outfit until the day of the date. This makes it hard to know exactly how the outfit will feel or move, even if you tried it on in the store. That new skirt might have looked awesome in the dressing room mirror, but might not feel so awesome sitting in a movie theatre for a few hours. Do take the time to pair up old favorites and clothes that you know will be comfortable for the duration of your date.

Last, but not least, don’t obsess about the way you look. Keep this in mind: they agreed to the date so they must be at least a little interested. Chances are good that they are just as nervous as you. Do focus on the conversation– if this relationship is going to go anywhere, you’ll want to remember what they say over dinner!